What should(n't) I bring to Camp?

Here is a guide for some of the things you might like to bring

What to bring - Live-in & Live-out & Girls

  • Mouthguard 
  • Rugby boots
  • Bath towels
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Toiletries - (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap etc)
  • Casual clothes - (shorts, pants, t-shirts, jumper, joggers etc)
  • Training gear - (allow 5 days - in case of wet weather)
  • (Optional) Small amount of money for canteen

Note: All items brought to camp should be clearly labelled please.

What to bring - Littlies

  • Mouthguard 
  • Rugby boots or joggers

Note: All items brought to camp should be clearly labelled, please.

What not to bring

  • High-value items - If your child brings mobile to keep in contact with you or other electronic devices, please explain to them that it is their responsibility to keep it safe and use it appropriately. If devices are not used appropriately, they will be confiscated and handed to parents at the end of the camp.


While every effort is made to provide a secure environment, such as individual, locked bedrooms, it is the Camper's individual responsibility to look after their possessions and keep them safe. The Camp is not liable and does not take responsibility for items that go missing or are stolen.

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