What is the accommodation like and what is the supervision?

The older campers who stay overnight are accommodated at St Albert's College. As College students are on holidays at this time and away from Armidale, it is the ideal place for our rugby campers to stay. Close to the rugby fields and all facilities of Sport UNE, the College offers a convenient and comfortable option for the rugby campers.

The campers all sleep in single rooms, as these are college rooms. They have a single bed, desk, chair and all linen is provided. They can bring their own pillow if they wish. There are shared bathrooms but all shower cubicles are private. 

We have dormitory supervisors, employed by the Camp, who stay overnight at St Albert's College to supervise the campers. The Camp Directors are contactable 24 hours a day should anything arise in the night such as sickness. We will then contact parents to let them know if any medical attention is required. 

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