What happens on the first day?

The first day is an exciting one for all of our campers and it is absolutely normal to feel a little nervous. To help you prepare, this is what happens in the first two hours of the Camp.

When you arrive at the Camp, you will check-in with our friendly staff. Here you will collect your bag, go through any important medical details and be given your room key if you’re staying with us overnight.

After checking-in, there is an official welcome to all parents and their children. This is usually around 20 to 30 minutes. You will be introduced to the coaches and hear about the rules and procedures of the camp. 

After the welcome, parents can say goodbye or very welcome to stay and watch the first training sessions. The children are organised into their stage groups and coaches begin warm-up rugby games. 

You can refer to the camp schedule as a guide to how the rest of the day and next days will look like. This will be uploaded to a public space on our Facebook page.

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