What medical services are at the Camp?

For the entire duration of the camp, we have a St John's ambulance station with fully qualified medical officers. 

We also believe prevention is best practice, so we provide and encourage actions such as:

  • regular drinks break - every camper has a water bottle and there are plenty of drinking stations
  • bucket hats are provided and children are encouraged to wear them. Please speak to your child about being 'sun safe'
  • sunscreen is available and campers are reminded to reapply
  • healthy lunch such as salads and bread rolls to keep up their energy
  • pre-contact drills to prepare campers for proper contact

In the rare event that a moderate-to-serious injury does occur, our professionally trained staff will provide immediate care and contact you, their parent, as soon as possible. We will contact you on the number you provided. If necessary your child will be taken to Armidale hospital, to seek further medical assistance. 

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